Our Favorite Dessert Tables

These dessert table options are so pinterest worthy! They are easy on the budget! These are full of many flavors all your guest will love and perfect  for any season. 

Donut Wall

There are two Donut Peg Display options. The first is an easel style display that holds 40 donuts and there are 2 matching displays. The large display is 4 feet wide and 7 ½ feet tall. It has enough pegs to hold 100 donuts. Add draping or floral arrangements to the display to coordinate with your wedding décor. Set up and refill included.

Cookie Table

Enjoy a variety of delicious cookies at your reception. Mix and match between Chocolate Chip, Oatmeal Raisin, Macadamia Nut, Peanut Butter and Sugar Cookies for your Cookie Bar. Add milk for the classic Milk and Cookies treat. There are a variety of ways to set up the display to make it coordinate with your décor. Set up and refillincluded.

Popcorn Bar

For the popcorn lover there is no better favor to offer than a popcorn bar. Movie, Kettle, Caramel and Snickerdoodle flavors are available to choose from. Have an bar style or boxes/bags can be provided for your guests to take home a treat for the road.

S’mores Bar

Want a cozy dessert to offer your guests? S’mores are such a fun and cozy treat! I offer 2 different style displays for your S’mores bar. The first is a large tray with sections for all of the components to build your
S’mores. The second is a single long wooden box to hold the food safe fuel that I can combine with a variety of trays and stands to easily match your weddings style. Set up and refills included.

Coke & Root Beer Floats

Treat you guests to fun and classic drink! A Coke or Root Beer is a sweet, cold and refreshing drink. They are also nostalgic. Most people remember the first float they had and it brings back all of the fun memories attached to it. An attendant will make the float for your guests.

Hot Chocolate Bar

Fall and Winter weddings are perfect for Hot Chocolate! A cup of Hot Chocolate with whipped cream and options of toppings. This is such a cozy choice to set up on the patio with the outdoor heaters.

Coffee Bar

Want to offer more than just coffee at your reception? How about a coffee bar with a variety of options. Multiple creamers and toppings will let your guests enjoy coffee the way they like it. Everything needed is included and the coffee will be fresh and kept refilled.

We do offer all these options at our venue as part of our in house catering services. Check out  our in house services to discover more and book your tour today

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