Bridal 101


The team at The Venue at Lilly Lou’s understands the whirlwind of emotions that wedding planning can bring about. Along with joy and excitement it can also bring the feeling of being overwhelmed.  We decided, in an effort to help you have more joy and less overwhelm, to put together a series of video guides that address some of the questions we are asked all the time.  We sincerely hope these will be a great source of information for you leaving your planning days with tons of the joy and excitement part of this memorable journey.

or browse individual videos below. 

Bridal 101 course videos

VEnue Start-Up 101 class

Are you interested in having your own wedding venue but don't know where to start?

Join our LIVE Zoom video course for a one-hour session on opening and running your own wedding venue. 

Content includes:                               

  • Property to include building new or remodeling old building (pros and cons)

  • Bridal Suites and Grooms Room

  • Restroom requirements

  • Building your team (including cleaning crew)

  • Software to use

  • Decor

  • Financing

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