A Message To Our Brides.

Dear Brides, First Off Congratulations!

 You are getting married! Call the girls, notify the family, and take out the champagne pops because your time is here. We are so excited for you!!

First, let’s be honest; wedding planning can be very overwhelming for a lot of people. You might have days when you are stressing over minor details like which flavor of cake you will choose. (Let’s face it, you know the White Chocolate Raspberry was your favorite!)  You may fall in love with a specific inspiration you saw on Pinterest and be crushed at how much it cost to recreate.

Second, know you are not alone. We have planned, decorated, and coordinated hundreds of weddings and receptions and are here to make sure your day goes off without a hitch!

Here at Lilly Lou’s The Pines, we are dedicated to helping you have the wedding you will always look back on and smile. We are not your typical wedding venue. We are equipped to check more than one box off your wedding checklist. Aside from renting our venue out, we provide various services from wedding planning, coordinating, decor needs

We love to sit down with our couples and plan the perfect day around them. Each couple’s style is as unique as their own love story, and we, at Lilly Lou’s The Pines strive to make each and everyone as personalized and perfect as possible. Since we know wedding planning can be a seemingly endless amount of details to cover before your big day, we compiled a list of our in-house services to help cut time and stress off of your to-do list. Why not have everything handled at one location. 

Overall, we are super excited for you to walk down that aisle! Just remember we are cheering for you. So, don’t forget to take a deep breath and remember what truly matters, you and your future spouse.

Love, Lilly Lou’s The Pines