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Lilly Lous Owners

"Meet The Founders"

“I think we always have a hard time when someone says “tell us a little about yourselves.” We always get that deer in the headlights look. We have been asked many times which one is Lilly and which one is Lou, but the fact is, the business name is a blend of our maternal and paternal grandmother’s names. I guess, to begin, we can introduce ourselves.

Our REAL names are Lea Kapherr and Rhonda Carrell, sisters and co-owners of The Venue at Lilly Lou’s The Pines. We love elegantly set tables, beautiful floral arrangements, and the glow of candle lights.

The name itself gives a hint of who we are….that we value family roots, the story of where we came from and where we are going. 

We hope this gives you some insight about who we are and we invite you to celebrate with your family and friends as you make memories at The Venue at Lilly Lou’s The Pines. Thank you and Best Wishes 

– Lea Kapherr and Rhonda Carrell

"Our Fairytale Story"

The Venue at Lilly Lou’s The Pines is a custom facility built with you in mind with the design vision from whom some call the Lilly Lou girls, but we are also known as Lea and Rhonda. We love the fact that we have our beautiful indoor venue and an outdoor space that is breathtaking! We have years of experience creating and making dream weddings come to life so why not create a venue that we can decorate anytime we want!

We look forward to meeting each of you!!

Meet Our Team