Want 3 Ways to Style Your Wedding Venue?

Want 3 Ways to Style Your Wedding Venue?

It is no surprise that you want your wedding day to be perfect.  So, you should not compromise on the venue decor. After all, you want your guests to be impressed and have a memorable experience so they can share with others. 

To help create a memorable setting for your special day, We have created a list of 7 creative and practical venue styling ideas that will give any space a luxurious look.

Table Décor

Your guests are going to spend most of their time chatting away on the tables. So, it is better not to go overboard with the table décor. 

The best designs are the ones that are consistent and connect to your theme and style. Instead, opt for a cleaner look that also goes well with your wedding theme. Pick centerpieces that make a statement but make sure it’s not in your guest’s face so they can still converse! That will make a conversation easy. Especially for people that are meeting for the first time.

Floral Arrangement

Flowers should be complementary. Not just from a color perspective but also when they are placed in the background. It is important to have a similar flowery theme throughout so that your flowers can shine against the backdrop and you can get excellent photographs. For example, if your floral arrangement has pampas grass, then incorporate it in the décor. Consider the colors of your bouquet to be the focal point for everything else in the room.

The color scheme should match what’s in your bridal bouquet as closely as possible. It will give you that “wow” factor that everyone loves about weddings. If you have flowers on either side of the aisle during your ceremony or at an altar, try not to use too many bright colors because they will distract from everything else!


There are plenty of ways to style drapes, depending on where you hold the ceremony. You can add some surprising touches to your wedding with a bit of extra effort. Hanging drapes are one way that you can do this!  Hanging drapes adds drama, height, and elegance to any event. Your guests will feel like they’ve just walked into another world.

Drapes also add finishing touches to your ceremony arch. After all, a ceremony arch is the focal point of your ceremony and provides a beautiful backdrop for you and your guests as you say your vows.