DJ Or Live Band

Five Questions To Help You Decide Between DJ Or Live Band.

The most time spent at a wedding is during the reception. The music sets the vibe and atmosphere. As a couple, you two need to figure out how you envision the reception. Whether you want a laid back reception or a big party, this will help you figure out which will be the right choice for you, along with other vital items to keep in mind.

How Much Do You Want To Spend?

First things first, look at your budget. It’s known that hiring a band is going to cost you more than a DJ. If you are not expecting to spend a lot of money on entertainment, then the DJ is the way to go. Live bands are usually expensive because to get the full band there; the price goes up per person most times vs. just paying for the time they are there. Do your research and look around. If you are determined to have a band, you might get lucky or you may know a band that can cut you a deal. When you are hiring a DJ, it’s usually a set price for the DJ’s time. If you don’t care about the price, then it comes down to your preference.

 What Vibe Do You Want To Have For Your Reception?

To help you decide your vibe, think about your wedding theme. The theme determines your food choice, your attire, and so forth. So it shouldn’t be a surprise that the music is the same.

 Having a live concert at your wedding is always so much fun! It creates a concert vibe. If you and your fiancé love going to concerts, then a live band would probably be your first go. The atmosphere is much different, and the right band will know how to get your wedding guest up and dancing on the dance floor. 

That also goes for the DJ. A DJ that knows how to read the crowd and get guests moving is so important. That is one thing that makes them good at their jobs.

They both can create a chill vibe if your wedding is more laid back or get the party going all night if that’s what your heart desires. 

Recorded Songs vs. Originals

A live band is not going to sound like the original recorded song. They will have their version of the recorded music. If you are okay with your chosen pieces not sounding the same as the radio recorded, then that is fine. If you are unsure, take the time to listen to them sing songs that you want to be played at your wedding and then decide. Most bands will have videos of songs that they have played at weddings before so listen and see if this is a deal-breaker. 

Can They Play Your Genre 

A Dj has more versatility when it comes to the different genres over a band. A live band and DJ both have their styles, but most are flexible. One thing to keep in mind for the band lovers is that the band will have to learn new songs if the songs you want are not on their song lists. If you are picking a band and it is the last min you may have to choose from their songs. That is a question you need to bring up. 


Space is a deal-breaker. If your venue does not have enough space to have a band, you will have to either go with a DJ or a small band with much less equipment. Besides making sure, they have enough space to move around, think about the area. A DJ needs electrical outlets nearby to hook the equipment. If your venue is an open space like the park, do your research and see other portable options for anyone wanting a live band unless it’s electric. Most instruments do not require that or are made portable.

Add On Services

Most people will agree that the DJ will give you more for your money, but that doesn’t mean the band can’t provide you the same services just for more money. This comes down to your budget again. 

Please speak to your band or DJ and see other services they provide. Can they MC your wedding? Can they also do the ceremony? Some can give cool light effects or fog. Another option can be to hire both for different parts of the wedding. You may want to live vocals and instruments for your ceremony and have the DJ bring out lights for you during the reception. 

In the end, the choice is between your preference and your budget.

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